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When Zombies Walk [Aug. 3rd, 2007|06:47 pm]
Space Pirate Erin
[mood |excitedexcited]

We saw this while at Comic-Con.....It was beautiful. 120 people participated. I hope I get to do it next year XD
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Mrawh [Jul. 6th, 2007|11:08 am]
Space Pirate Erin
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[mood |lazylazy]
[music |HP 4]


It's good to know that I can pull this shit after like almost 2 years of inactivity. I think it's my best site yet. I also learned a lot from it. Michael is the one giving me art lessons. I am gonna update tonight with his work. It took me forever because there was ONE part of code that was wrong and it messed up everything and it took me forever to find. XD

Also, special thanks to Trettel for teaching me about CSS in the first place. As you can see, I am still putting it to good use.

One last thing, if all of you could view the website and let me know if the website is too dark, that would be great. If a lot of people say too dark (as it appears on my work laptop), then I will try and fix that. I worked on it on my LCD at home, which MIGHT be too bright and have high contrast. I dunno. Thanks <3.
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